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Croftlands Junior School

School Values

Here at Croftlands Junior School, we believe that a school should provide an atmosphere of trust and confidence, where every member of the school community is valued and appreciated and where everyone can realise their own potential.


  • To provide the best quality education for our children so that they can achieve their fullest possible potential.

  • To provide strong and effective leadership and a motivated staff, working in partnership with children, parents, governors and the community.

  • To maintain the highest standards of teaching and learning and to provide a well planned and stimulating curriculum for all our children.

  • To provide, manage and utilise resources necessary for all aspects of learning.

  • To provide a safe, stimulating environment where all children and adults feel valued for the contribution they make.

  • To enable children to develop respect for themselves and for others and to promote a caring, positive attitude towards the community and their local environment.

  • To prepare children for life in its widest sense, enabling them to take their place in society as fulfilled committed individuals able to play their part in local and wider affairs.

  • To give equal opportunities to all our pupils so that they may become contributors to a society free from all forms of prejudice and discrimination.