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Croftlands Junior School


Computing Intent


The Key Stage 2 computing curriculum has a clear intent to align with our school values of resilience, respect, curiosity, kindness, compassion, and creativity, while also reflecting the aims of National Curriculum. By providing a high-quality computing education, the curriculum aims to equip students with the skills of computational thinking and creativity, enabling them to understand and make a positive impact on the world. 


The curriculum recognises that computing is not isolated but has deep connections with other subjects such as: mathematics, science, and design and technology. It places a strong emphasis on computer science principles, teaching students about information and computation, the inner workings of digital systems, and how to apply this knowledge through programming. 


Through this foundation, students are empowered to use information technology to create programs, systems, and various content. This not only enhances their digital literacy but also nurtures their ability to express themselves and develop ideas using information and communication technology. The curriculum ensures that students are well-prepared for future workplaces and active participation in a digital world. 


In line with the school values, the curriculum encourages resilience by challenging students to overcome obstacles and develop problem-solving skills. It promotes respect by teaching responsible and ethical use of technology, fostering positive online interactions, and valuing privacy. The curriculum sparks curiosity by encouraging exploration and experimentation, igniting a passion for technology. It also cultivates kindness and compassion by promoting empathy and inclusivity in digital spaces. Lastly, the curriculum fosters creativity through opportunities for students to express their ideas and create innovative solutions using computing skills. Overall, the Key Stage 2 computing curriculum aligns with the school values and national curriculum intent, providing students with a solid foundation for their digital future.

Computing & Online Safety Curriculum