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Croftlands Junior School


Outdoor Play and Learning!


We are developing our OPAL provision.   One important aim of Croftlands Junior School is to promote pupils' welfare and wellbeing.  Our children are thrilled to know that play is a right!  Our priority is to ensure every child is included in the playground and so that is why we have adopted OPAL provision.    Our playground will be a hive of activity with high-quality play experiences on offer for everyone.  Children at OPAL schools rapidly develop creativity, imagination, cooperation, resilience, stamina and confidence.


Research shows that play contributes to children’s physical and emotional health, wellbeing, approach to learning and enjoyment of school. Given the importance of play in children’s lives and current concerns about children’s health and opportunity to access time and space to initiate their own play outdoors, there are considerable benefits for children, parents, schools, and the wider community from participating in OPAL's programme.