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Croftlands Junior School


History intent

By the time children leave Croftlands Junior School, they will think like historians, curious as to what has gone before them and how it may shape what is to come.

Our history curriculum has been designed as a journey through time which allows them to see how our country and the wider world was shaped – bringing it closer to home in discovering where Ulverston (and lots of Furness) gets its name in our Anglo-Saxon topic as well how the town boomed during the industrial revolution.

We build enquiry skills throughout the children’s time in Key Stage 2, giving them opportunities to explore historical evidence and see how it can present contrasting arguments, with the aim of creating resilient learners.

Through promotion of our school values and exposure to a rich wider curriculum, our children will tackle potentially challenging substantive concepts – such as religion and lifestyle - with respect and compassion.

We make cross-curricular links wherever appropriate to strengthen and widen our children’s understanding of the past.