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Croftlands Junior School


Geography intent

At Croftlands Junior School, we want the children to leave us with a greater understanding of the world around them – both closer to home and around the globe.

The children will learn skills and experience the work of geographers as they explore their locality. Using learned field work skills, our upper Key Stage 2 children will visit Ulverston to observe, measure and record data on developments to the town. In lower Key Stage 2, our children will follow the river Duddon from source to sea. We will also utilise digital mapping technology to explore changes to physical and human geographical features as well as promoting field work skills in the classroom.

Our curriculum has curiosity at its heart and has been designed to create cross-curricular links to help the children discover a greater breadth of knowledge. Through our curriculum sequencing, we aim to build respectful geographers, whose knowledge, skills and understanding builds as they move through school. Careful consideration has been given to ensure children have opportunities to re-visit concepts and practise skills accordingly.